22 February, 2022
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A chance you can’t miss out 9999 9999 nft

22 February, 2022

The spiritual significance of the number 9 symbolizes “perfection” and “the highest digit, hence symbolizes comprehensiveness, culminations.” It is also an important number in Chinese Feng Shui because it signifies the fullness of heaven and earth.

A rare NFT number 9999 9999 is for sale on https://tengri.io

Country code: +976

Operator: Mobicom

Buyer gets physical sim card and legal ownership of this number.

This number is eligible in roaming use abroad.

Roaming is a service that allows you to travel abroad with your mobile phone and use it freely. As of today, Mobicom customers can use the roaming services in over 200 countries of the world

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