Risk Factors

Purchaser of National Treasure Coin (NTC token) face following high degree of risks in cryptocurrency market. These include but not limited to:

NTC token is non-refundable or non-refundable once purchased. In other words, if buyer purchases NTC token via cryptocurrency exchange market listed by the founders, buyer fully acknowledges and agrees to accept the condition in which it cannot be reimbursed by the founders. Purchaser will only be able to sell NTC token on open position, and will still not be able to sell if a selling order at the price does not match at purchaser’s desired position. The price of NTC token is determined by market supply and demand, and the founders of NTC token do not make any specific promises or obligations to buyers on price fluctuations. The NTC token does not have a fixed price after the initial exchange offering (IEO), and price fluctuation are regulated by market supply,demand and trading volume. NTC token does not convert directly into any currency or METALS such as gold and other movable or immovable assets. NTC token may have no value due to market supply and demand, in which case no guarantees have been promised by the founders of NTC token. NTC token is based on blockchain technology, so the founders cannot be held liable if you lose your wallet login and password to others.

Either founders or the government will not make any guarentee on NTC token. Purchaser is required by local law to pay income tax on the sale of NTC token, and the tax risk is borne by the buyer or seller in the event of non-payment. NTC token is not backed by any other securities or class of securities, precious metals or currencies. Smart contract, the core structure of NTC token, is vulnerable but not limited to number of attacks, which cause loss of value, or loss of operations, or loss of coin in the wallet. As NTC token is based on internet blockchain technology, the owner of NTC token bears the risk of financial and other risks due to internet outages, power outages and delays of service;thus no liability to the NTC founders. There is a risk that regulating authority cryptocurrency environmental changes may ban NTC token operation in the country. Due to the bankruptcy of the company that founded the management or NTC token, there is a risk that the price of the token may fall or disappear from the market. Due to any intellectual property ownership challenges, NTC token may be at risk of court decision to suspend operation in the country. NTC token may face a risk of price depreciation due to cryptocurrency market competitors and the lack of an ecosystem development. Due to malicious viruses and other attacks may cause risk of loss from NTC token holder’s wallet. Due to cryptocurrency exchange operation, NTC token is at risk of destruction or disappearance while being at NTC token holder’s wallet.

NTC token is subject to the requirements and regulations of the country’s government, thus, there is a risk that business activity to degrade and the legal operating limitation.

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