30 October, 2021
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30 October, 2021

NCX has more than 15,000 active users and is working to expand its operations to become an internationally recognized full-fledged crypto exchange. As NCX plans to conduct its business through Asian and international free markets, the company's customers will be international. The crypto exchange is connected to more than 50 international exchanges simultaneously, and transactions in MNT can be converted directly into USDT. This will allow transactions to be purchased directly from many countries and trade internationally, providing more accurate and flexible pricing.

NCX will establish long-term strategic partnerships with domestic and foreign virtual capital issuers, individuals and other relevant customers and will play a key role in ensuring the reliable and uninterrupted operation of the exchange's IT infrastructure and market development support.

National Treasure Coin /NTC/ IEO will hold on https://ncx.mn on November 10th. Get more information on NTC https://ntcrypto.net

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